An Update from the Sunshine State

Adjusting to life in Florida is going well enough… But I feel like I won’t really adjust and settle in until I actually have a job, and can be a bit more adventurous knowing that I have a steady stream of income. Still no word on a job though… I’ve put in like 20 applications over the past couple weeks (with more to come in the next couple days.) Haven’t even gotten a callback… Trying not to lose hope, it’s still pretty early… But my budget isn’t going to hold up much longer, if I don’t find something really soon I’m gonna start missing payments on bills.

Due to this, I tend to spend a lot of time at home playing video games and watching movies… Staying up absurdly late because I’m still on a sleep schedule for Pacific Time. I get to bed anywhere between 3 and 6.
On the bright side, I’m finally starting to catch up on the list of Horror movies that has been building for some time. In the last week I’ve been able to check off 5 or 6 movies from the list (with an  additional 3 or 4 that weren’t on the list) which included:
The Conjuring 2
Annabelle: Creation
Insidious Chapter 3: The Final Key
Thirteen Ghosts
Hell House LLC
Sinister 2
Plus an additional viewing of Repo! The Genetic Opera (Chase the Morning is a favorite <3)

I did splurge and get out of town for awhile on Wednesday. Had to be out of the apartment for a viewing, so I drove out to Clearwater to see my Great Grandpa’s old house… It’d been 7 years or so since I last saw it and I was really happy that I remembered how to get to it. It looked exactly how I remembered (and made me wish that it was socially acceptable to ring the doorbell and explain the history to the new owners, and ask to have a look around to see how things have changed, or stayed the same.)


After stopping there, I headed on the St. Petersburg and went to Treasure Island. I got to lay out on the beach in my rolled up jeans and alternated between enjoying the sunshine and the waves, and writing. It was really relaxing, and the beach wasn’t too busy (being early afternoon on a Wednesday,) so it was pretty great.


The one striking thing I’ve noticed the more I settle in here, is the conflict of explaining my background, and specifically, Matthew… I still haven’t decided how I want to handle my name change going forward. While I still  have documents and accounts to update with the my name, I primarily want to truly live the name, and not constantly bring up my old name and explain that all the time like I used to before the change. So I’ve definitely got some things to mull over before I make any solid choices there. But it’s exciting to have the opportunity to shake things up, maybe choose a different path than before.

All in all, there is still some good progress, I’m slowly working on making friends (using apps like Meetup, and admittedly, Grindr.) I don’t foresee Tampa being a long term investment, but I think I’ll enjoy my time here.

Until Next Time,

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