Renigging an Idea, and Progress in Life?

Well… That idea was pretty much dead on arrival. The “dating” apps were downloaded and setup within a few days of getting to Tampa. While I love Aaron, I need to get out… And Meetup has some odd groups in the area. I did find one Nerd group that does a weekly (more than one actually,) game night. I’ve caught last week and this week and met some pretty cool people.

However, I will say that I have made some pretty good progress in how I present myself, and how I interact with people. I am meeting the anxiety head on, because I’m tired of repeating the same old shit…

I have actually met two guys for the apps, and they were both super cool. Anthony and I went for coffee/Boba tea at this really cute place that actually reminded a lot of a hookah lounge. They also had some awesome artwork from local artists that was on display/for sale. He’s a total gamer and music buff. Very boisterous and fun to be around.

Daniel was pretty awesome. We first met for coffee at this awesome place in Ybor city called Blind Tiger. By the end of the day it was decided that both of us went into things with pretty low expectations of how it would go… But we were both very pleasantly surprised, we spent the entire afternoon (and most of the evening) hanging out. After coffee we wandered around Ybor City for hours, stopped into his work so he could show me a great barbershop to get my haircut. After some more wandering and endless chatting over a bunch of topics (as well as some really great vintage/clothing shops), we stopped in for Ice Cream at a place called Snobachi that did handcrafted ice cream. It was perfectly timed, as we settled in with our sweets, it began to pour down rain outside. We also stopped in at Carne Chophouse for a martini, and chatted with an awesome bartender!

The adventure then continued with a trolley ride from Ybor city to downtown Tampa to take in the sights of the Riverwalk (as well as a few straggling awesome Cosplay costumes from Metrocon.)

It was really great hanging out with Daniel… As well as disconcerting. He’s very attentive, and was not afraid to check me on my shit and the habits that I’ve built around how I interact with people. I greatly enjoyed my time with him and definitely hope to hang out again soon.

All in all, things are coming along… I’m still trying to get a job, but putting my best foot forward. In the spare time I have (which is plenty…) I’ve started a regular gym routine with my roommate, as well as a Web Development program. It’s coming along really well and I have high hopes.

I will be sure to provide updates as my progress into this next chapter continues.

Ever Yours,

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