Catching Up

Apologies for the silence the last few days. Things have been pretty hectic. However it’s all in motion! As I write this, I am sitting in a McDonalds in Laramie, Wyoming. Things haven’t exactly been smooth… But no real issues yet. Since 11am yesterday when I left Portland, I have had 5 bottles of water, 2 monsters, 2 5 hour energy shots, and 2 (soon to be 3,) cups of coffee. I have also had a 2 hour nap  (that equated to about 45 minutes of actual sleep.) Soon I’ll be finding a rest stop to try to catch an hour of sleep so I can push through to St. Louis for a couple days.

Once I have my camera and laptop in the same place (with internet access) I will be sure to upload some photos of the last few days (including a shot of me and some friends meeting Kameron Michaels!!!)

Ever Yours,
A Sleep Deprived Adventurer

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