An Adjustment, and Taking Steps to Move On

6 Days (the timeline has adjusted slightly.) In 4 days, I will see most of my friends here for the last time (barring any visits from myself to the West Coast, or them to the East Coast.) With the help of a good friend, I have a combination Birthday/Farewell shebang planned for Friday night at a local Nerd Bar, followed by a could hours in a private karaoke booth so that we can celebrate my time here in style (and with wonderful renditions of Wicked.) Then the next day I will be driving down to Salem with a couple of my close friends to see a drag show( #kameronmichaels.) We’ll stay the night there and drive back the next morning where my car will be packed and waiting to leave as soon as I say my goodbyes to them.

I am very excited to see everyone and celebrate… But I’ve been in a weird head space recently. In the span of just a few days, my room has gone from an almost warm, cohesive space… To looking like a squatter has taken up residence. The storage shelves and bookshelves are gone, the bed has been sold, and the desk has ended up with many of my posessions in the warehouses of a Goodwill just waiting to be displayed for someone to feel the need to pick them up. Electronics have been sold, a solid camera was acquired so that I may document my trek across the country with a camera with Megapixels in the double digits, and bit by bit this plan is finally coming to a head.

Last week I spent a lot of time with people, but this week I have ended up keeping things pretty low key. For my birthday on Wednesday I have some plans to hang out with a friend and play some arcade games, but that’s about it. Per the wonderful reminders of Facebook Memories, this is pretty uncharacteristic from the last few years. This time last year I was moving in to a brand new (or at least, new to us and recently renovated,) apartment with my boyfriend at the time… The year before that, someone once close to me came to town to visit, and the year before that I went on a 18 mile hike before having a small party with my ex-boyfriend and a few of our close friends. Then the year before that was my 21st, and I had a party thrown by my best friend as well as my ex-boyfriend.

It’s crazy to see how much things have changed, and while I don’t want to spend this next week wallowing in the chaos or the sadness of remembering people that are gone from my life… I want to recognize the events of the past, and realize that those people are gone for a reason, and that I am very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life now who have been so welcoming, and so supportive of my decision to shake things up by moving across the country (again.)

As time ticks closer to the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next, I can’t help but feel so much joy and elation that this is finally happening, but also terror that things will go south, as well as sadness at saying goodbye to some wonderful people.

But here we are… 6 Days until the road trip of 2018 begins.

Ever Yours,
The Nostalgic Squatter

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